Muslim Australia Memperingati Maulid Nabi Saw

Muslim Australia – Apakah Anda dan keluarga dapat undangan memperingati hari kelahiran Nabi Muhammad Saw di Australia. Tepatnnya pada tanggal 12 Maret 2010, dari jam 07.00 pagi sampai jam 22.00 malam. Bertempat di:  Venue Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre.
Olympic Boulevard Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2129.

Bagi yang punya ‘kesempatan’, silahkan datang. Ajak keluarga Anda, insyaallah berkah, amin…..

You are invited to celebrate Al-Mawlid
Celebrate Al-Mawlid the Birth of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

You and your family are invited to attend the Annual, Memorable, Honourable and Blessed Multicultural Mawlid Concert.


Venue Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre
Olympic Boulevard Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2129
On Friday 12th March 2010 from 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm

Spectacular and sensational performances by talented groups expressing their love and devotion to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Arabic – English – Turkish – Urdu – Bosnian – Harari – Sudanese – African
A place for Maghrib Prayer will be available.

Under cover seating for everyone,
With compliments Brother Ziad Mobile: 0433 418 555

Map & Location of the Multicultural Mawlid Concert 2010

2009 National Multicultural Marketing Awards – 2MFM Highly Commended
Muslim Community Radio 2MFM: Highly Commended for their Smart Don’t Start campaign to educate young people and their parents about the potential anti-health and anti-social effects of alcohol use and binge drinking.

Dale Holmes, General Manager, AFL ( Australian Rules Football) for NSW and ACT ( Awards sponsor) congratulates Mohammed Mehio President of Radio 2MFM and Ms Faten El Biaya, broadcaster and producer of the Be Smart Dont Start campaign. The Radio Station received a Medal from the Community Relations Commission for their successful project.

High Commendation Medal Awarded to 2MFM

Close Up Images- Medal


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