Bingo has a long history of playing สล็อต. From the past to several decades, it still has only a very basic form. That are played by drawing numbers that are called out Go until someone has a winning pattern before the game is over. Which most people might think of any kind of bingo There are all the same, which is

It is true that the basic rules of play are not different for each kind, but there are

The key points that make the difference and uniqueness of each format. That is the number of numbers.

Here we will give examples of different types of bingo and how they are played and some individual characteristics.




          Speed ​​Bingo 30 Ball is one of the fastest bingo games out there. In this type of game it uses 30 balls to play While these types of games are not common on many online sites, they are still attractive options and have grown in popularity over the years. With the fact that the game

This plays out quite quickly with each turn, making it a favorite of many bingo players. The 30-ball bingo card has nine numbers on each 3×3 grid, which is no different. In addition, there is also another One special prize that will be awarded to the first player who wins the turn of that turn.

         Online Bingo 80 Ball This bingo game was created especially for online play. And has been popular for a long time since its launch The game uses a 4x 4 format bingo card with one number for each table for a total of 16 bingo cards that are placed so that each row represents a number within a designated cell. The first row contains numbers between 1-20, the second row is numbers 21-40, and it keeps increasing. In which order the winner is the first player who can complete that pattern

The schedule has been completed.




         Blackout Bingo is a form of bingo game. With a playing basis close to the traditional Original to a certain extent This format of bingo is played on a 4X4 grid, in which case you have to try to cover the numbers that go out all the time. Until you get the 4X4 format to be the winner. In fact, when most people think of “Different bingo” they may refer to different bingo styles, but Blackout bingo is simply the most common one.

         Bingo tournament The last model we will introduce Is a bingo tournament consisting of a set of bingo games where you are awarded points based on the number of games you win. In which you will have to compete with other players on the basis of any type of competition. Where the difference is, the general play is to collect consecutive points

Keep going until the end of the game and get a winner. As you may see online bingo competitions, whether they are free games or have stakes. 


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